Chef Antonio Monteleone’s cuisine is designed to showcase the quality of the ingredients used.

Each of the dishes is designed around a main ingredient. The selection of quality produce complements the skilled techniques of this modern vision of cuisine.



« Rediscover serenity and fulfilment »

For over a century, the  Boutique Hotel Mont Blanc has provided its guests with a warm welcome in a comfortable mountain setting, typical of the Swiss hotel tradition.

Located in the heart of the village of Les Marecottes, the Boutique Hotel Mont Blanc and Restaurant is an essential part of the ski resort. For over one hundred years, guests of all ages have stayed here, enjoying their coffee in the morning, gourmet hot chocolate and pastries in the afternoon and festive aperitif in the evening.

The heart of Les Marecottes is the ideal place to feel at home, mingle with the locals and enjoy the traditional lifestyle of the village.

The  Boutique Hotel Mont Blanc is designed to welcome its guests in an atmosphere where quality and lifestyle are paramount. More than a just a hotel and restaurant, the Hotel Mont Blanc provides a genuine homely atmosphere, adding to the magic and nostalgia of a dream holiday. With its living spaces on a human scale, its traditional decor featuring an abundance of wood, and its warm welcome – the hotel offers its guests every comfort they need. The hotel is a unique place for an exceptional stay. The  Boutique Hotel Mont Blanc – a mythical place.